Monday, March 05, 2012

The sap is running: Sand Road Maple Farm

I love March... actually, that's not true, I despise March and all the chaotic weather from cold and miserable winds to warm and wet slush. However, the bright point in this month has got to be opening of the maple syrup season and of course our family favourite spot to be is none other than, Sand Road Maple Farm, off Hwy 138, in Moose Creek, Ontario.

Sunday, we decided to head down to Sand Road for a tasty and filling brunch, followed by a crisp yet sunny walk on the maple trail.  As always, Sand Road does not disappoint. With the sap running early this season, there is lots to see and do on at the maple farm! Next weekend, the horse and sleigh rides will be running, so after a taste of maple, you can enjoy a ride that promises some great scenic photo opportunities.

The boys absolutely loved it at Sand Road... and when they are smiling, PC and I are able to have some fun soaking up the fresh air while taking a hike through the maple trail.  E decided to run the whole trail on foot, and after H had his first taste of maple taffy, he was loving the sleigh ride courtesy of Daddy. I know it must have been a great day as we arrived home with two sleeping boys and two equally snoozie parents!

I am still nibbling on some maple sweetness as I type this post. It's one of those tastes you can never get enough of. Here are a few photos from our fun day at Sand Road... if you are thinking of hitting a sugar bush this season, keep Sand Road on your list! Good eats and tasty treats for the whole family!

Thanks to Scott and Ange for a fun day at the maple farm! We'll be back again soon.

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