Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday Wrap-up (although technically I still have another week to go)!!

When you still feel 25... the only thing that can make 32 sting a little less is some fancy dancy cupcakes! PC brought these babies home from the Flour Shoppe on Bank Street in Ottawa.  They didn't just look amazing, they tasted amazing too!

E helped me put out the birthday fire... H couldn't be trusted to A. stay away from the flames B. keep his hands out of the fancy icing!

32 also stung a little less when PC and the boys surprised me with a brand new MacBook Pro. I was shocked to say the least - I guess all my belly aching about my current MacBook being maxed to capacity didn't go unnoticed!

My b-day itself was kinda of a flop... we wanted to go sledding with the boys but the it was so damn cold that day, we didn't risk it. I settled for a nice lunch out with the fam and a little bit of shopping. That's the breaks when your born in January!

Thanks for all of the birthday messages, tweets, and FB shout-outs... they did not go unnoticed! Now let's hope 32 is a great year!

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