Sunday, January 22, 2012

Self-timer perfection!

Over Christmas... I discovered that my boys are somehow entranced by the self-timer on my camera.  Christmas eve we were trying to take a family photo with my sister and parents, and when it came time to use the self-timer, the boys lit up!

I don't know why I didn't discover this sooner, I could have save myself a whole lot of foolishness - as in me acting like a complete fool to get my boys to look at me - at the same time - and smile - eyes open - teeth showing, AND somewhat square to the camera.  Its near impossible at the ages they are at right now. If one is smiling, the other one is fighting to get away, or if one is happy to have a photo taken, and the other won't look anywhere in my direction. Its more than a day's worth of work in the effort department, and still the results are often disappointing.

But cue the self-timer and watch the mystery unfold in front of you.  Here's probably the BEST photo I have taken of the two of them in many many months. I am in love with it! E looks so 'big brother' and H is for once looking at the camera and smiling - and not looking at E!

When the informal shoot was going so well (E was all over it announcing to H 'we're gonna do it again Huddy, wait for the beep beep beep, then smile big, and be good - okay?'), I decided to join the fun - and again came away with a successful photo of myself and the boys! I am usually the one taking ninety-five percent of the photos around here, so when I get a great photo of the boys and I, I could practically scream! 

All in all... 10 minutes of self-timing picture taking and I have two photos that I am going to frame for my desk.  If you have a self-timer option on your camera, I suggest you try it with your young children - you just never know what the results will be! I am sure this phase will also wear off, but for now, I will milk it for all its worth.

Next up - Valentine's photos!

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