Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The taxman drives a....

Tonight while waiting for dinner to finish cooking, PC, and the boys, and I were down stairs playing in the basement...enjoying a few minutes of downtime after a long day.

E seems to be in quite the 'good guys vs. bad guys' phase right now.

He is always asking us... is that guy a good guy or a bad guy?

As a parent it seems like a pretty straight forward game... and we all recall the basic scenario:
cops = good guys
robbers = bad guys.

E has a ride around Fisher Price police car with a siren, and he is often chasing someone down in his very imaginative make-believe world. He always wants to know 'who can I chase now?' ... and you have to get creative with a three year-old or else he will call you on it... 'but I already chased that guy Mommy'.

Tonight... he wanted to know who he can chase... so for kicks, I threw out, 'how about the taxman?'.

Immediately E asks for clarification 'is he a good guy or a bad guy?' I chuckled and immediately said bad guy, while PC (a civil servant taxman) corrects me and says 'good guy'. Good or bad issue aside, E gets all distraught and insists...

'but I can't chase the taxman, because... cause... cause... the taxman drives a ... a... a...a taxi - and he'll get away on me.'

PC and I cried laughing.... of course it makes perfect sense to a three year old ... taxman - taxi - of course a taxi would be the taxman's gettaway car!

You just never know what to expect from the mouth of a three year-old!

I had to post this little snippet from tonight as I know these are the little moments that I will enjoy reading in 12 years, when he's giving me some major teenaged attitude! 

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