Thursday, March 01, 2012


Last week the boys were both sick, and with PC in the height of his referee season, I was left on my own much of the time to make little faces happy, and keep the household running. Now the boys are back on the up and up, and PC has been off a few nights this week, but I am the one that is feeling like I'm on the verge of being down and out.

Work has been truly exhausting since I've gone back to work. Its an interesting spot to be right now, I am busy and deep in thought every day I am in the office, and much of my time away from the office too. Many public servants are operating on eggshells with the looming announcement of cuts coming in the 2012-2013 budget, and frankly its exhausting trying to speculate all of the what-if scenarios. A full-day at the office knocks the life right out of me, and so when I come home to my boys, its time to dig deep to ensure they don't get the worst part of me.

This weekend I am hoping to re-energize and re-focus. We are now in the month of March, and it could be a long month if the weather in nation's capital is any indication of how its going to go (in like a Lion)!  We have a few obligations this weekend, but ones I am really looking forward to (hello Sand Road Maple Farm), and in between those engagements I hope to kick my feet up and finish up a good book I've been reading lately (Still Alice).

I hope each of you have a fabulous weekend, and hopefully with a recharged me next week, I can get to some decent blogging.

Stay tuned!

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