Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dramatic First Haircut!

My baby boy just sheded another layer of his baby days as we took him to get his very first haircut. If it were up to PC this haircut would have happened around the eight month mark, but in my books, it could not occur until after his first birthday.


Well, no concrete reason of course, but from my standpoint babies don't need haircuts, little boys do... and before turning one I still considered my boy a baby!

H did celebrate his first birthday back in December, but we just got around to scheduling the haircut (with our neighbour across the street) last week!

Prior to the haircut, H had some pretty cute little wings growing .... he was all business in the front, party in the back, but post hair cut he is looking a little more business all around.  I swear with every haircut that E gets, he ages just a little, and the same can be said for sweet baby boy now.  He's a little more of a boy and a less of a baby with this first milestone now under his belt.

The hair cut itself was high drama - you would think we were branding a suspecting cow! One look at the hairdresser - who we know quite well - and H was full of hysterics! He definitely felt the need to audition for the part of 'very upset baby' for the duration of the haircut, but in the end he was all smiles and happy to have a new 'do!

Of course, being the good Mother I am... I snapped a few photos as the drama unfolded. You can see for yourself just how good of a little actor we have on our hands!


And let's begin... 

Tricked you... piece of cake!

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