Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's stupid, your stupid - who's stupid now?

So... I knew it would happen, but I wasn't sure when. And then it happened, my son said 'stupid' followed by 'you're stupid Mommy'.

Last Saturday as we were getting ready for skating, E promptly told me 'I don't want to go to skating, I want to go for pancakes' (which is our Saturday morning tradition post skating lessons). The conversation went like this:

Me: You have to go to skating first, before we can go the restaurant.
E: No we don't.
Me: Yes, we do.

E: But I don't want to do that. I just want to go for pancakes.
Me: Well maybe next week we can go before skating, but this week, we are going aftewards.
E: (mumbling to himself) That's stupid.
E: (even quieter) Your stupid Mommy.

Me: (silently freaking out but acting cool) Excuse me Emery, would you like to repeat that over here in front of me?
E: (with a surprised look) No thank you, Mommy.

Me: I heard what you said Emery, and we don't use that word, it is not nice, and you can use other words if your upset instead of that one.
E: (with a look of horror) Okay Mommmmmmeeeeeeey
E: (on the verge of tears) But I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

You can't win with this kid, he likes to assert himself at times, but the moment he thinks he's done something wrong, it turns to tears. He's a sensitive soul. Lately, we are in the battles of 'no I don't, yes you do' or 'yes I can, no you can't'. It's frustrating from a parenting perspective, but I can't help but remember my thirst for independence and defiance at a young age - he comes by that trait honestly!

Anyways... we had the mild discussion about stupid, and I mentioned it to PC just so he was aware of it. PC even reinforced not to talk like that... so we were all on the same page. I thought we moving on, until half an hour later, we are loaded and in the car for skating and driving to the rink. PC is in the front seat, and E is in the back with H. I am about to pull in the parking lot, when a van coming the other way decides to cross in front of me and beat me to the turn... PC is shaking his head but keeps his mouth shut, until this van decides to slam on its brakes to pull into a parking spot near the front door, but overshoots that turn, and has to reverse in front of us.  As this unfolds PC shakes his head in disgust and out flys  'what a stupid idiot'.

 Apple, tree... tree, apple.

And now we've introduced 'idiot' to the three-year old vocabulary list.

Awesome.  Totally awesome.

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