Friday, October 21, 2011

10 Months: Picking Up Cheerios

My baby boy is now 10 months old.

The more I am enjoying my time at home with him, the more I am realizing the reality of returning to work in two short months. I often hear myself telling others, if you want a year of your life to fly by, have a baby! Its sounds a little absurd, but its so true - at least for me! The time is flying by... but let's not dwell on it (right now)!

At the 10 month mark, H is an eating machine... baby foods are almost non-existent. He's onto full blown table food, and is loving the finger foods.  We are having a small issue with cheerios lately. Well... its my issue more than his, but for every 50 cheerios I put on his tray, I am picking up 48 off the floor. Its the age of discovery, where he is entertained by dropping one (or many) items on the floor, over and and over and over again. Meal time gets old fast with this Mommy, but he is LOVING his food. He practically needs a bath after every meal... as he likes to dive into everything he's offered.

H is a whopping twenty pounds... and he's like dead weight if you have to carry him around on your hip for too long. Talk about a forearm workout (problem is my left arm is ripped, my right arm ... flab)! He's solid, but he's so happy and becoming more vocal about everything.  He has the Ma's and Da's down pat... and can associate one with the other. He also likes to talk your ear off ... no matter what the subject, he can definitely share his opinion!

He's on the move too... crawling forward in the army stealth mode and starting to help himself to whatever he's sees at his level. His big brother has been a huge help in making sure he doesn't get into anything that he shouldn't be!

If he's on his game... he can wave hello and goodbye on command! Very cute, and very fun to see him react to something you ask him to do! This boy also has a daily case of the giggles... its one of the best part of the days listening to him focus in one thing and whether its the word 'poop' or his brother running circles around him, his laughter is infectious and can cure any bad mood!

The 10 month photo shoot was lots of fun... we had to wait for the rain to clear up but it was worth the wait.

Hudson, at 10 months, you are such a fun little boy... eager for independence, but satisfied with the life that surrounds you! I love you to pieces my little pumpkin! Happy 10 months!

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