Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I just reverted back to using Blogger's comment system instead of Haloscan/Echo's system that I was previously using. I was finding a few problems with it, so I bailed on it. Thank you to everyone who previously left comments under the old system - they are not showing now, but I have access to them in my archives. Please be assured I appreciate every comment I have received, and did not just go and purposely delete everything you have said - as that is not the case.

If you've left a comment on other Blogger sites, you'll be familiar with this commenting layout, but if you haven't, leaving a comment is EASY. Below each post, there is a link at the bottom that says COMMENTS, when you click on that, a separate pop-up window opens.  Under 'Choose your Identity' you can either use your google ID, or if you don't have one just select the Name/URL option - you only have to input your name (and if you want your URL, but its not necessary).  Type your comment above and hit 'publish my comment'.  Voila - DONE!

Looking forward to hearing from you... anyone care to TEST it for me.