Tuesday, February 01, 2011

6 Week Performance Review

So... I'm now six weeks into my new position and like any new job, its time for a performance review.

What new job you ask?

Job Title: Mommy of a Toddler and a Newborn

Responsibilities: managing a two year old and a newborn at the same time, while running a household, and maintaining a marriage, friendships, and family relationships, not to mention personal sanity.

Communication: B
While I hold a degree in this field, I am still having some trouble communicating in a timely manner to friends and family, and at times I forget to share phone messages with my better half.  I don't see this as cause for major concern, but over time it can have more serious effects. I seem to be able to understand the lingo of my two year-old but have more difficulty listening to a complex story or over-detailed account of anyone's day.  There is room for improvement in this category and with a little extra sleep, I think the necessary improvements can be made.

Project Planning & Execution: C+
There is definite room for improvement in this area.  I don't attribute it to much other than having a newborn in my arms the majority of the day doesn't allow for a lot to get accomplished. In my head I have many things I want to do, so the planning aspect is there, but the execution just never happens. PC's hockey schedule is also an obstacle in this category as when there are good times to execute a planned event, it can't happen without him, and this time of year, his schedule is always jammed packed. Cue spring time and with an extra parent available, marks will definitely improve in this area (hopefully).

Leadership: A+
If this isn't tooting my own horn, I don't know what is. But I feel as though I am good at leading things in this household.  When I talk about planning and executing, on the rare occasions when things actually happen around here, its mostly due to my planning and execution. I am always trying to think of things to do with E and now H that are entertaining, fun, and new... and much to PC's dismay, when he is available I like to utilize his free time for family time.  I often feel that if I don't say we should do something, we wouldn't do anything except get groceries, watch Football (don't even get me started), and give the kids baths!

Managment Skills: A
Surprisingly, my management of both a two year old and newborn have been going much better than expected.  I attribute good results to having an easy going two year old, who is caring and loving with his newborn brother, but also to having a good routine established for when I am home alone with both of them. If I have to be occupied with the baby, I know I need: a snack, a drink, along with a game, toy, or movie to occupy my two year old for the duration of a feeding or diaper change.  The promise of rewards for extra good behaviour also comes in handy too!

Time Management: B+
This one is a tough one, cause I am not a good pre-planner, I am a procrastinator, and therefore time management is not one of my strong suits, but with kids it is getting better because I've learned that schedules and consistency equals fairly happy children. I have learned that if I am going to get myself and both boys out the door on time for an event, I have to think ahead and get things laid out... clothes, bottles, baby bags, strollers, etc., while at the same time making sure I look presentable.  I like to think, if I am only 5 or 10 minutes late leaving, I've done well.  Once the baby is older, I think time management will come easier, as you can never quite predict a newborn's every move.

Attitude: B-
While I want to be SUPER mom, I am not. I know that, but it doesn't stop me from getting upset when things don't go my way. I often feel short changed at times when PC is heading out the door to hockey, and I am left again with two boys, but their sweet faces looking up at me is all I need to keep me going and is exactly why I had children. I wanted to be a Mom, a good Mom, and I know that giving up a large portion of my social time is part of the job, so while at times I don't have the best attitude, I am getting better at remembering how short this period of my life will be, and how much I will want to remember all of the time I had to spend with my boys while they are growing up. I also think my attitude will improve more once I am finished breast-feeding and feeling free to go out of the house for more than 2 hours at a time!

Overall Grade: who cares really!
Most things are going well... and when the little things get to me, I really do take a time-out and try to reflect on how lucky I am have my boys (PC included) in my life.  Family is a wonderful thing, and whether I'm good or bad at one aspect of motherhood doesn't really matter, what matters is I have the opportunity to be a Mom - and that's exactly what I've wanted in my life.

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