Sunday, January 16, 2011

Was that really a month ago?

To answer the question - yes it was! One month ago tonight, I was holding H in my arms for the first time and examining all of his features!  A month later, he is sleeping peacefully in his crib while I do a bit of blogging.

I really can't believe a month has gone by - I guess when you throw Christmas in with the first four weeks at home with a newborn, the days all mesh together and before you know it, were onto month 2.

I feel as though I'm repeating myself when I say this past month has been great - but it really. has. been. I am actually feeling like I am living in a bit of bubble when it comes to looking after H.  I keep saying to myself - can he be this good? What is going to go wrong? I am sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, but hoping that it never does.

I have two things that are almost too good to be true...

1. H is a pretty cool customer, I have his schedule figured out, and 90% of the time I know why he is crying and what I need to do to help him. Its very easy to look after him in that respect.

2. E is such a sweetheart when it comes to his baby brother.  I am in awe of how much love he shows H on his own. He is always asking about the baby, and offering to help, and doing things like covering up the baby with HIS blanket without so much as a prompt.  I really didn't expect at 2 years old he would be such an affectionate and caring little boy to a baby that has no doubt disrupted his routine (and universe)!

These two things just make me smile! I am sort of in that 'is this really my life' dream world right now and I am hoping I never wake up from it either.  If this first month is any indication of how the next 11 might go - sign me up for the long haul!

As you may recall when E was reaching his month by month milestones, I did monthly photo shoots - and given that you know how I feel about ensuring the second child of the family isn't short changed on anything...  MONTHLY PHOTO SHOOTS ARE BACK!

Here is a look at the results from H's 1 Month photo shoot ... he's a growing boy, but still has that sweet newborn face that I think is picture perfect.

Love him to pieces!

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