Monday, December 06, 2010

2010: A visit with Santa... or NOT!

This year with E, he is right into Santa or as he likes to call him 'Ho-Ho'. We have a pop-up book that we started reading a few weeks back and it makes the sound 'Ho Ho Ho' as Santa pops out of a chimney. I think this is where it all started. But now, every time he sees anything Santa related, its a 'Ho-Ho' festival in his world!

We took him to see Santa in the mall, with little success. He definitely talked a good game all the way to the mall. He even waved at Santa as we entered the line, but when it was his turn to get his picture taken sitting beside Santa on his chair - NO WAY IN HELL was it going to happen.  Santa offered him a candy cane, he grabbed it and bolted to the nearest exit.  We left without a picture, and three minutes later as we were in the GAP, he's back to saying 'Ho-Ho' with a devilish grin. All very typical for a two-year old I guess, and I am actually comforted that he is leery of odd looking men dressed up in weird costumes, but nonetheless, the photo-op would have been nice.

Instead, this was the pic I got pre-Santa meltdown!

I am not quite sure how E plans to be 'Head Elf' if he and Santa aren't exactly on good terms, but he must figure he's been a good boy for most of the year so that record has to count for something despite his little episode at the mall!!

I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks if Santa took it personally or not!

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