Friday, April 24, 2009

Having a blast in Florida!

We made it to Florida safe and sound!

E was the BEST on the plane ride here! He fell asleep about 5 minutes after take off... and slept for 45 minutes... and then after waking up, enjoyed the ride for the next hour and a bit, just taking in the scenery. He got a little stir crazy towards the last 30 minutes of the flight, but between PC and I we managed to keep him occupied as there were no major meltdowns. Before we knew it, we were on the ground and riding the shuttle to the main terminal and in the rental car to our rental house.

It could not have gone better for E ME!

The weather has been soooo warm here, in the high 80's every day, and we are LOVING it. E had his first swim in a pool - and he is a BIG fan of the water. Kicking and splashing every where... and touring around the pool in his little water boat!

The last two days I have said 'This is the life' a few times, and I mean it! It's a great way to spend our first family holiday together - we aren't regretting our decision to fly with E one bit!

Here are a few pics from our first few days by the pool... I must get going now - the hot tub is calling my name!

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