Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Rants... among other things!

Today's a day for random rants.... and other stuff, so here we go!
  • Reusable bags... is it just me or is every store now have their own reusable bags... so much to the point that I have about 30 reusable bags from 30 different stores that are piled high in my closet. I actually have more reusable bags than I do plastic bags. I don't want to throw these bags out, but seriously what do you do with them... ? And let's be honest, as much as I would like to always carry some sort of reusable bag with me, its just not possible... which then leads me to get more of these bags when I go shopping. I know PC's advice would be 'cut down on the shopping', but that's not gonna happen... so I am still left with the dilemma of what to do with so many reusable bags?
  • Smokers... okay, I don't have it out for people who smoke, but I just get so disgusted when I see people smoking in cars while others are riding in that car. I know there is a law that prevents people from smoking in cars with children (thank the lord for that), but I think in general it should be illegal to smoke in cars, period. For instances, I saw a women with a king size smoke lit up as she was driving in her mini-van with her husband and what looked to be her elderly parents/grandparents. Yes she had the window open a crack but I wanted to choke in my own car as I know that every person in that car was inhaling this women's second hand smoke. To me this is just rude... if you want to smoke on your own time by yourself and away from others that is fine with me, but why are people so inconsiderate to smoke in a confined space while others are around? Even if people say they don't mind if you smoke, you should rephrase the question 'Do you mind if I give you cancer?' I doubt their reaction would be the same.
  • I only decorate my house for Christmas... and maybe now that E is in the picture I will start to decorate for other occasions, but for now, I still am only a Christmas decorator. I was driving past a place the other day, and these people are all decked out for Easter as if it was the new Christmas... blown up lawn ornament, lights, egg garland hung in the trees, a flag, baskets in the yard - the whole works. Apparently, I didn't get the memo that Easter was a big deal... apparently bigger than Christmas as I don't remember this place being all decked out for Christmas. Last time I checked ... Easter (a religious holiday like Christmas) was about mourning the death of Christ, such like a funeral... which if I recall, the last funeral I was at didn't have blown up lawn ornaments. Christmas... is a celebration of the birth of a baby... Easter... well I guess everyone is entitled to their interpretation, but mine clearly doesn't involve lights and lawn ornaments - sorry!
  • I think I have officially gone through chocolate detox ... for the last few weeks I have really laid off the chocolate... and I find I am not craving it at all lately. I have had a few slip ups with DQ here and there... but overall I seem to not go into a chocolate convulsion around 3 PM every day. Its funny how the body and mind work... the less you have of it, the less you want it - I like this combination.
  • I may be off the chocolate but I am in LOVE with Tim Horton's trail mix cookie...seriously, so good. I am always fairly impressed with the creations Timmy's comes up with, and this trail mix cookie is very tasty and gives off a fair bit of energy when you need something on the run. I highly recommend it... if you like trail mix, you'll love the cookie!
  • We are getting to set to make our FIRST looooooong road trip with E back home to my parents house. I have mentally been thinking of what we need to pack since last week. Today I am starting to assemble all the items. There is just no 'packing light' when a baby is involved and I have come to accept that... but nonetheless, its still a daunting task trying to decide if I have everything we need for the trip. I guess we'll see Friday when we get there!
  • In addition to the car trip, I am also mentally packing for Florida... as we leave in two weeks TODAY! I am so looking forward to this vacation, but again not looking forward to the packing. It a whole different ball game when you are flying... again the term 'packing lightly' doesn't apply, but I still need to pack smart... so I will be trying to do this over the next week or so. Wish me luck (and thanks to K. Broom for the packing for a baby list!)
Well... that's all for today folks! For everyone in the working world, Happy Thursday, since tomorrow is your Friday! For everyone else at home like me... its still Wednesday, but the weather forecast for most areas is looking lovely for the coming weekend, so get outside and enjoy it!

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