Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-Up!

I call this one the Wednesday Wrap-up... cause I am wrapping up loose ends at home today since we are leaving for Florida this AFTERNOON.

I think I am ready... and I mean seriously. I haven't stressed too much over the packing, I figure what I don't have or have forgotten, we can just buy down there. I have the essentials: a bathing suit, flip flops, and some sunglasses.

I think I did well packing for E too... he has the cutest little outfits for the week... some swimmer shorts, flip-flops, and sunglasses too! I hope he likes the pool cause that is where we plan to be for the large majority of the time!

I am interested to see how it goes with West Jet today... they make it sound all too easy when flying with a child, so I will have to let you know how it goes!

Anyways... onto the wrap-up, which really just consists of randomness and minor updates!
  • First off, I took E back to the pediatrican last Friday for a weigh-in, and he is 14lbs 2ozs and on the bottom of the 'holy graph'. This was pretty great day for us... the ped was so happy she doesn't want to see us again - which in turn made me ecstatic. Now, we are just back to regular standard check ups with E's family doctor. Thank you lord baby Jesus (shout out to Ricky-Bobby)!!
  • I have had more annoyances on the smoking in cars front. The other day at the Timmy's drive-thru, I was behind a teenager... who was in her bright red 1997 Chevy Cavalier with a king size smoke lit and dangling out the window between puffs. She didn't have anyone in the car, so she doesn't loose points there, but when I moved up to the order stand and put my window down, E and I might as well have smoked a pack ourselves.... I was totally disgusted! Now I think there needs to be a law against smoking in drive-thrus! I know... I am taking it to the extreme, but I swear this whole ingesting second-hand smoke thing really gets me going.
  • It's earth day today... and I am thinking in honour of this important day, I am going to start cutting back on the amount of zip-loc bags I use. I am pretty sure zip-locs were invented for me. I actually think I over-use them for the sheer fact that my Mom use to buy the non-ziploc bags... (you know the no-name 500 plastic bags for $0.99 cents in the yellow box)... she use to send our sandwiches and other stuff for lunch in them, and get this - make us bring them home so she could reuse them the next day. If I did throw them out for some crazy reason, I got the evil eye from her when she opened up the lunch bag, and said 'where's your baggies?'. I think then and there, I vowed to buy Zip-locs when I was older, and throw them out after a single use - and I pretty much do that. So today, I am going to try to be more conscious about my zip-loc bag use, as my small way of celebrating earth day.
  • I have been following this blog My Charming Kids.... (thanks to Loukia for bringing this one to my attention). The author of this blog MckMama has 4 children. He youngest son, Stellan, is currently very sick and is in the Children's hospital in Boston... Stellan's story is remarkable yet sad all in the same breathe. He is fighting for his life... and there are so many of us rooting for a clean bill of health for this little guy. His eyes will melt your heart. MckMama has started a name gallery for him... and people from around the world are sending in Stellan's name written in all sorts of ways, and in all kinds of places. It's so awesome. If you haven't been following Stellan's journey, I encourage you too... it's remarkable.
  • A second sad story that I come across via Twitter, is the story of Maddie... a little girl who died recently from various causes, on of which was pneumonia. Her story was truly amazing from the start, born 11 weeks premature, and spending 68 days of her short life in the NICU. Her mother - a fantastic blogger, spoke at her funeral and posted her words on her blog... I was in tears reading it and watching the little video of her life. Life is all too precious, and I can only imagine what Maddie's parents are going through. If you want to see the cutest little girl , I invite to visit But please prepare yourself... it's a very sad story.
  • My new favourite snack is peanut butter and banana on a whole wheat wrap... shout out to Boyder and KL for mentioning this to me earlier in the week... I am LOVING it!
  • It is just me or does the summer weekends fill up all too fast. This summer we have two weddings to go to on back to back weekends... and they are at the end of June. May and June are pretty much booked up right now for us... and I am quickly working on July and August. PC is going to be off this summer for 6 weeks... taking some family time that he didn't take when E was first born. We are hoping to be cottage bound for a lot of the time, but also taking some other trips in August. Before I know it September will be here and gone and I will be back to work. Excuse me while I give myself a tongue lashing - Sara: Shut your dirty whorish mouth. Quit saying that!
Well that's all for this Wednesday folks. I am showered and ready to take on first family vacation. Now... let's hope that we don't mistakenly get on a CanJet flight to Jamaica... and we actually do get on our flight to Orlando.... and have an amazing vacation!

I hope to get in a quick update from the sunny south but if I get too busy working on my tan, I will be back in week's time, so please come back then for a visit.

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