Thursday, April 09, 2009

My least favourite foods...

I was in the grocery store earlier in the week, and stumbled upon some of the Blue Menu frozen meals section. While I normally enjoy Blue Menu anything... I was disgusted to see that they make a version of shepherd's pie.

I hate shepherd's pie.... if there is one thing that should be banned from being made and mass marketed ... it's this menu item. I am sure some of you are thinking 'shepherd's pie... that's one of my favourite meals', but to me its just WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Mashed potatoes and meat or vegetables should NOT be mixed together. I come from the school of thought that different main menu items on your plate should not touch... EVER. Mixing up your potatoes with corn and peas, and whatever other vegetable you are eating is a major faux-paux.

It really disgusts me to see anyone taking their potatoes and then pressing their fork into their vegetable letting the potatoes suck up the vegetable before driving the fork straight into their mouth. I could literally puke on command when this happens (and my husband seems to be a leader in the food-mixing cult).

To me... all these disgusting factors are what makes up shepherd's pie, thus making it a major menu no-no in my recipe book.

Cream corn is also right up there in the least favorite food department. I think I was scarred as a child by cream corn. I don't remember the pivotal moment but I do know my Mom made it and tried to make us eat it on a fairly regular basis... it was definitely in the meal rotation on Algoma Street. I like corn on its own, but the thought of corn in some kind of watery soup base is also barf-worthy in my books... cream corn will never have the pleasure of taking up space in my pantry for as long as I live.

I also hate Goulash... for much the same reasons as shepherd's pie. The name alone is enough to not eat it... but the look of it, with all of those major food groups mixed and melted together... get me a bucket!

I also really detest peameal bacon... yet I like ham, so not sure why this is, but the smell of it when its cooking is...well... vomit material. I think I could actually be tricked into eating it... yet if someone told me what it was, I would have a totally different opinion of it. Its mainly the name of it that turns me off... I mean PEAMEAL... does that sound yummy to you? In University, two of my roomies use to buy this as a 'treat' and cook it up as a meal... I would be on the third floor of our house cursing them for an entire evening because the smell brought back nasty childhood memories!

I also think ... due to my high dislike for the mixing of foods... that also cuts out any type of stew! And I have smelt some good stews over the years. I think if I was blind folded I could do it, but visually looking at a stew... and again the name STEW, doesn't make it a candidate for my recipe book.

Those are the major least favourite foods in my world... I am sure there are more (liver... which I have never tried, but again the name is what rules it out for me), but the ones listed above take the cake for me. Do any of you share my distaste for these foods, or do you have your own list of least favourites you'd like to share?

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