Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new section at the bookstore!

Its funny how as you enter different stages of your life, you find new sections to explore at the bookstore.

When I was a teenager, I think that is when I discovered novels and the bookstore... I can remember going into Cole's with my Mom quite frequently and begging her to by me the next book in the Babysitters Club series... I just had to know if Mallory and Logan were going to hook up or what kind of trouble Kristy and Stacey were going to get into next.

Then as I got into high school, I got away from reading, but work my way into the Young Adult section... finding time to read Summer Sisters, and few others.

In University, I was always in the damn academic section spending way too much money on text books, and post-university is really where I broke into my book buying addiction. I love all kinds of novels - the Shopaholic series, anything Emily Griffin, autobiographies, anything that is not sci-fi, mystery, or crime related, I could be suckered into buying it.

A year ago, I was consumed with the pregnancy and parenting... and although I still frequent that section from time to time, I have discovered a new section in the bookstore that I never really took the time explore before now: the children's section!

Who knew it could be so interesting.

As a gift (shout out to Crista & Darryl and the kids) E received The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton. I opened it up a few months ago and we haven't put it down since... he loves it, and so do I - we read it every night. Recently while at Chapters, I discovered that Sandra Boynton has a ton of kids books... all written along the same lines - silly stories that are FUN to read.

I ordered a couple of her book sets, and they just arrived this week. They are AWESOME. My second favourite to The Belly Button Book is Barnyard Dance (bow to the horse, bow to the cow, dance with the sheep if you know how)! So cute!

If your looking for children's books to start story time with your child, I would highly recommend anything Sandra writes - you won't be disappointed!

But bringing me back to the book store... now that I have found the children's section, I plan to spend a good chuck of my years in that section... because the section right beside it is (gasp!) ageing and seniors - and given that I haven't even busted into my 30's yet - I am not about to take up real estate in the ageing section - unless of course it's for my parents!

What section of the book store are you frequenting these days? Any books you like to recommend - children's or otherwise?

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