Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy's Day!

Well ... it's been here and gone! My very first mother's day.

We had a social engagement on the Saturday night in Belleville and stayed over night, so Sunday was little rough, and didn't really allow for the 'over the top' mother's day - if you were thinking breakfast in bed, and all that pamerping-shmapering they show on TV. To be honest, I didn't drink a whole lot the night before, but for some odd reason, I was feeling like I did the next day.

E did decide to start the day nice and early at 6:30 am, obviously wanting to spend as much time with me as he possibly could on my first mother's day! Despite the early wake up call, he was a pretty good baby, all. day. long.

I don't know if I would go as far to say that E said his first word on mother's day, but the week leading up the mother's day he definitely got the hang of his ba's and da's sounds. On Sunday afternoon he was spouting off 'ba-ba' and 'da-da' to anyone that would listen. Fitting that he would say 'da-da' on mother's day, isn't it - maybe he will come out with 'I love you Mom' on Father's Day (might be a bit of strech but we've got a month to work on it)!

We did manage to make it back from Belleville in time for dinner at the in-laws, and we had a fantastic meal... which was a really nice treat, not having to make supper, once we did get home.

PC and E did surprise me with a really nice (mushy) card - which PC doesn't normally do... and this little piece of silver jewerelly, that I absoulte LOVE (love love love):

The picture doesn't do it justice, but for those of you with fabulous eye sight you will see its a silver pendent that has been hand stamped and says Emery Charles Coleman and his birth date. I have never seen this before... apparently PC E ordered it online for me from Citrus. They have some really neat stuff... awesome momentos for new Moms!

Just hanging out with PC and E, made mother's day special enough, but of course the gift they gave me made it very memorable! Thanks PC... and to my sweet baby boy for a great mother's day!

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