Thursday, May 07, 2009

The annoying grocery store shadow!

Do you ever go to the grocery store and start doing your regular grocery store route with your cart, only to encounter someone who is on the same store route as you, and you end up running into or trying to avoid them for the duration of your grocery shopping experience?

C'mon, you must know what I am talking about... that one shopper who arrives at the store the same time as you... and when you hit the fresh veggies section, there he/she is grabbing for the green peppers at the exact same time you are. You think to yourself: 'that was awkward', but you are polite and say things like 'sorry' or 'excuse me' or just give them a friendly smile to let them know you like to have your space.

Then you move onto the deli meats naively thinking your first run in was a one time deal, but there they are again trying to cut you off with their cart to beat you to the counter.

If that's not bad enough... you move onto the breads, and they stand behind you waiting to get into the fresh buns and bagels bin at the exact same time as you. Your pretty fed up at this point, so you devise a plan to lose them before you get to the fresh meats. If your me, you decide to casually stop and browse the cheesecake and dessert section (even though you have no intention of buying an $9 cheesecake for 4 measly pieces and 1200 calories). You try to wait them out so that they get far enough ahead of you that you don't have encounter them again or you skip a section of the route going mock ten to get ahead of them and lose them for good.

You go back to enjoying your grocery shopping, selecting your items carefully, and checking off your list in peace again. However... they forget something or for whatever reason you decide to circle back and the next thing you know your back to avoiding their cart in the frozen food aisle.

If that's not bad enough, you try to lose them again... only to reunite with your shadow 15 minutes later at the check out, highlighting the fact that you wish you had stayed home and sent someone else to do your groceries.

Seriously... this happens to me at the grocery store all. the. time. Tonight my shadow was annoying times ten as she had her two bratty kids with her, and while she dawdled around the store, her offspring played tag around the cart... and every so often she would raise her voice and say 'settle down or we are only getting 1 kind of chocolate bar tonight'. Just what the little munchkins need... CHOCOLATE.

In all honesty... the random grocery store shadow ruins my shopping experience. Usually, when I am grocery shopping now, PC stay home with E, and its a little bit of me time that I look forward to... but when the grocery store shadow shows up on my little me date... I want to lose my mind.

Can anyone else relate to this... or is it just me? Do you have any tips for losing the shadow, or at least some good games I could play with my next annoying shadow?

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