Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate

For the last few weeks I have been following the Jon and Kate Gosselin saga (from TLC's Jon & Kate plus 8). I've debated about blogging on the topic a few times, just because I feel like my post only adds to the drama their lives are currently surrounded by.

The tabloids are all over this family... and as much as I wanted to not believe a word I read about Jon Gosselin's alleged affair/misbehaving, last night's season 5 premiere of their show cemented the fact that the couple is having major issues.

I am a BIG fan of this show... I truly love sitting down and watching multiple episodes of this family's daily activities unfold on television. I loved this family before becoming a parent... but now that I am a Mom, I love them even more as I am able to keep my own parenting issues in check when I watch their show.

From their first season to now... yes their lives have changed dramatically, so naturally they've changed as people too, but I was truly sad last night watching the premiere. Kate Gosselin in other seasons and other public appearances seems to be such a strong, outspoken, put together voice of the Gosselin family. But, last night, and in recent solo interviews, you can see that she is hurting, she is angry, yet she still wants to go on with the show (so the speak) for her kids. She is more soft spoken, more apologetic... she realizes she is not perfect and that she has been hard on her husband in recent years, and you can see just how it is taking a toll on her as a mother and as a woman.

I know there are MANY critics out there constantly write about Kate Gosselin and how poorly they think she treats Jon. The critics also report on how Jon & Kate don't work, they get everything for free, they are expoliting their kid's childhood, etc. Kate is loved to be hated, but I in my opinion she does not deserved to be criticized for being a mother who loves her kids and only wants the best for them, and having said that, either does Jon.

For Christmas, I received their book 'Mulitple Blessings'... I was actually surprised to find out just how religious this family is, as it wasn't apparant to me in the first 3 or 4 seasons of their show. I think this book showed me that they had endure quite a bit in the beginning of their family life to get to the success they are experiencing now. Its sort of a rags to riches story guided by their higher power... and I hope now that they will use their faith to come together - for the sake of their children.

I think I want to see them work out their marital issues, but last night I was not convinced that they are going to do this. The fact that they won't interview together anymore, and that either of them can really put into words (on television) what the other one requires in order to move forward tells me that this may be the last we see of the Gosselin family.

I will be watching Season 5 intently, while at the same time saying a little prayer for them... hoping that out of the tabloid spotlight they can work out their differences and come to an agreement that is best for them and best for their children.