Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taken with tulips!

On Sunday of this past long weekend, PC and I ventured out with E to see the tulips at Dow's Lake in Ottawa (you can imagine how excited PC was to do this)!

If your not familiar with the Ottawa area... every year in May, the capital city runs the Tulip Festival. It is filled with various activities for families besides tulips but if you haven't seen the thousands of tulips in full bloom throughout the city, its a definite must do in Ottawa, in the month of May.

To be honest, I have never actually gone to Dow's Lake to view the tulips, I mostly have taken in the tulips on my lunch hour at work, when I was working downtown. So, since I moved offices out to west end, I haven't really participated in the festival at all in the last few years.

However, this year... we weren't doing anything too exciting for the long weekend, so I thought a little family outing might be fun. Of course we picked the least nicest day of the weekend to do this, but nonetheless, the tulips did not disappoint!
E was so taken with the tulips, and the crowds. I was amazed at the number of people out and about. It was crazy! Everyone and their dog thought it was a great place for snapping photos ... so we thought we would join in the fun! E wasn't too interested in looking at the camera... he was too busy watching the neighboring groups of photo takers beside us, or playing in the tulips beds!

Nonetheless... we enjoy our day!
Here are the results of the shoot...

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