Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Olympic Glass

A few weeks ago I was getting gas at a Petro Canada and noticed this advertisement to the left of the pump. During my entire fill up, I studied the glass and thought that it was a pretty nice piece.

I paid at the pump but after getting my receipt I decided to venture into the store and check these glasses out in person. They were indeed as nice in person as I had dreamed about them outside. I decided to purchase 2 for the small fee of $3.99 each.

I secretly love the inukshuk and the fact that it is part of the 2010 Olympic logo, I am all over it. After purchasing the glasses... I took them home to PC, washed them up and we enjoyed a lovely glass of H20 in them together over dinner. We both agreed that an entire set would be worth it, and so yesterday, PC came home with 6 more!

I am so happy to have them... I think they are the perfect size!

I have to laugh at myself as I had an 'aging' moment after I put them in my cupboard. I recalled the set of olympic wine glasses my parents have from the 1988 Olympics (which also came from Petro, I believe from Jack Gregory's gas station/garage in Thessalon)... they had that tacky (probably not at the time) gold Olympic torch logo on them. I believe they released a few different sets of these glasses (wine, beer, small & large sized drinking glasses). My dad still uses one of the few large wine glasses they have left, for a nice cold beer every once and a while day.

Do you recall:The gold torch has considerably worn off after probably 5500 dishwasher cycles, but the glass itself is still in good shape. This recollection made me feel pretty good about our purchase. The 2010 version has no gold on it, so its not likely to show its age in 20 years, which is fantastic... as I am looking forward using our drinking glasses for many years to come!