Friday, March 27, 2009

Fragment Friday!

So... I don't have time to flush out one 'GREAT' post today, so I thought I would go with the update around here, and random fragments of info that I feel like sharing. After all it's Friday, and nobody should work too hard on Friday, not even a blogger on maternity leave!

  • So... earlier in the week, E had his weigh in with the family doctor and he is up to 12lbs, 10ozs! I was happy ecstatic, and so was the family doctor. The entire time we were in his office, E just smiled and giggled, driving home the point that he is A okay. The good news is that we don't have to report back in with this doctor until his 6 month shots in mid-May (although we do go back to see the ped in mid-April).
  • I had my MomMeFit class today... and it was so much fun. E was the best baby of the group today... he didn't say boo, except to giggle at me during the circuit training. Its a crazy work out in an hour, and although I contemplate suicide about 20 minutes in, I feel fantastic when the hour is up! The instructor (MJ) is a GREAT woman, she is motivating, and fun, and really knows her stuff. She keeps the class pumped up and the intensity high. I can't wait for next week!
  • Are you looking for a good chiropractor in Ottawa? My chiro, Dr. Keith Ellard of Glebe Chiropractic is holding his semi-annual 'Discover Chiropractic Week', which if you are at all interested in the benefits of chiropractic treatment - this is a MUST for you. He offers a free consultation, assessment, and X-rays if necessary... its $175 worth of services for FREE, and no obligation to commit to any further treatment. I actually did this a few years back when I was having real issues with tension in my neck... and I was so happy I did. Dr. Ellard is great, and if you have any reservations about getting an adjustment, you will quickly see that the bed he uses takes the fear of the 'crack' away, as you almost don't feel anything. If your interested, call the office at 613.237.9000 and ask to book a consultation with Dr. Ellard between the week of March 30th to April 3rd - you won't be sorry!
  • PC and I joined the blackberry revolution last weekend. Our contracts were up and of course they lured us back in with offering us a free upgrade if we signed another contract. So we bit the bait, and since it was a 3 year contract, we felt the pressure to go with blackberrys as in 3 years time the lonely little cellphone may be non-existent! Well - not really, but of course this is how they sell it to you, and we all know PC and I are whores when it comes to a good sales pitch!
  • E got an early Easter present from his Grandma & Grandpa C... a new jogging stroller! He loves it and so do we! It is so easy to push, and will be great for running, rollerblading, and off roading on some trails. Thanks G&G C!
  • Our PVR is still on the blimp... so I have resorted to tracking down the episodes I am missing of my fav shows... online of all places. I have even discovered a new series (thanks to Boyder for the rave reviews) that I absolutely LOVE. Its called... United States of Tara, it airs on Showtime, and its seriously GOOD! It's about a woman with multi-personality disorder. She is married and has 2 kids, and she transitions from this down to earth normal wife and mother, to 1 of 3 possible alters: Alice(the perfect wife), T(a crazy teenager from hell), or Buck (a hillbilly man). Its comicial, and fun, and entertaining. Toni Collette plays these parts so well, she really deserves an acting award of some kind. I really like the show, you should check it out if you want to kill a few hours. They are only 11 episodes into the first season, and trust me after the first two you will no doubt be hooked!
  • Wow... it has taken me all day to get this post done. We BBQ'd steak and potatoes tonight with a huge salad that I put East Side's Signature salad dressing on - SO GOOD. E has been in bed for a good 3.5 hours now... and I think I may try to hit the hay now too as tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful outside... so will most likely take E out for a walk in his new ride.
I hope you enjoyed this installment of Fragment Friday. I wish each of you a fabulous weekend, and perhaps if mine isn't too hectic I may even get in another post before Monday!

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