Monday, March 23, 2009

Bragging gets you nowhere!

Earlier in the week PC and I were in the car together, and there was a piece on the radio about the number of colds reported by Canadians. Apparently... the number is fairly high, compared to recent years. At any rate... I couldn't really relate to this report as I haven't caught a cold in FOREVER.

After that radio report, I even remarked to PC that in the last 18 months, I have only taken 2 Tylenol... for one bad headache, not even for a cold. I went on to say how fortunate I was to not get a cold or the flu while I was pregnant, and that since E's birth, I haven't been sick at all.

I spent a good 10 minutes on the subject of just how healthy I am, even went as far to say that I have been around people who have been really sick (namely PC) and have yet to come down with even the slightest of bugs.

PC attributed it to my daily dose of vitamins over the last 18 months, as since 3 months before I got pregnant I started taking a prenatal/postnatal multi-vitamin. Personally, I just like to think that I have an immune system made of steel and that nothing can break it (ain't nothin gonna break my stride, ain't nothin going hold me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving!)

But of course... you can only brag for so long until somebody gets pissed off, and wants to take you down! And in my case, I have yet to pin point the culprit, but about 4 days after that 'look at me' conversation, I have now come down with a bugger of a head cold.

The worst part is ... since I am still breast-feeding, I can't take anything for it, so I have to really rely on the cool mist humidifier, the Benylin wall plug-ins, and good ol' Vicks vapour rub. What I wouldn't give to take an Advil cold & sinus pill ... or a Claritin.

As you can see... bragging gets you nowhere! Thanks to my big mouth, my 18 month healthy-as-a-horse non-cold & flu streak is over! Now I am back to being just like everybody else, with nothing to brag about!

Have you been sick a lot over the past year, or are you one of the lucky ones like me (not bragging I swear) who hasn't had a bad cold or the flu in recent months?

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