Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a Croc!

Someone tweeted about this story last night week (I've been busy ok!), and I found it rather interesting, as I am actually a big fan of Crocs, and was eagerly awaiting E's feet to get a little bigger so I could buy him his first pair.

But apparently... according to the article, Crocs are very dangerous for kids, when they wear them near the side of a moving escalators. I would have never thought this... but apparently the Croc gets suctioned to the side of the escalator and chews up the foot pretty good before it decides to spit it out.

As the story details, there has been more than one incident where a child's foot has been damaged because he/she was wearing a pair of Crocs while riding an escalator.

Check out this image of the chewed up toddler foot and the chewed up Croc after an escalator incident....
WOWSERS! I am pretty sure it's not something to take lightly by the looks of these photos!

This story hasn't turned me off of Crocs altogether, but has made me think twice taking E on an escalator with Crocs on or any other form of rubber shoe for that matter.