Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh the economy...

Lately this all we ever hear about on the news... what a frail state our economy is in. And yet, I don't deny what every news outlet is saying, but I have a hard time seeing how this frail economy is affecting me.

This isn't a post to brag (because as we know... bragging gets me nowhere), but in all seriousness, my life hasn't really changed since the economy has taken a turn for the worst.

My friends and I were chatting about this in recent conversations that everyone is always saying 'oh the economy' or 'well you know with the economy the way it is....', and well I know its not great for the country to be in this economic situation, I personally think we have actually benefited from the changes in the country/world's financial situation.

For instances, gas has dropped down to a reasonable price again, which makes traveling and taking trips much more affordable for my friends and family. This is thanks to the economic situation.

Stores are offering discounts and random super sales to bring people in, because the state of the economy has people watching their pennies. I think sales are fantastic, and if stores want to offer me an extra 30 or 50 percent off the regular price because of 'the economy', I happily accept.

I guess much of my personal situation has to do with two things... PC and I both have fairly decent paying/secure jobs, and we don't have tons of any money tied up in the variable stock market.

Obviously I feel terrible for families in the automotive industry and other rise and fall industries that have had to make major cut backs due to our economic state, as I know there are people out there going through hard times (and trust me, I really do feel for these people as I know the stress in these situations can be paralyzing). But aside for that... I don't necessarily think that this current economic situation is all bad... the fact that gas is lower, and that retailers are lowering their prices is a good thing in my world.

And let's face it, the economy will bounce back... maybe not tomorrow, or next month, but in the not so distance future, things will come around for everybody. Gas will rise again, and prices for standard things will again be through the roof. Unemployment will go down (way down hopefully) and all industires (old and new) will be calling for thousands of skilled workers. This day will come, I am certain!

I hope I haven't offended anyone by this post, but does anyone feel the same way? Has the current economic state really affected you? Or are you feeling like things are moving along nicely, just like they always have?