Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is it really only a month away...?

We are nearing the month count down to Xmas... and I think I have fallen into complete shock mode.

I mean ... there are a few things going through my mind these days:

1. Christmas already? At the beginning of the year when I thought about Christmas, I thought to myself, I will have a baby by Christmas time - and Christmas, at that time, seemed like a decade or two away. Now that we are 30 some odd days away from the blessed event, and I have a BABY at home, I think this is where the shock/astonishment factor sets in.

2. Christmas ... means buying gifts for others and receiving a few myself, which also means having to decide what is that I need want from Santa. I am no ready to decide just yet.. and I am not ready to figure out just what to get others this Christmas. With only a month and a bit to go, the pressure is on - and I need to get crackin or else E's first Christmas will spent visiting his Mommy at some institution for crazy ladies!

3. WE HAVE A BABY (still in shock)... WE HAVE A BABY, a 7 week old baby, and it will be his very first Christmas, and I want it to be special, but at the same time, in 20 years he is not going to remember a thing about his first Christmas, so where do you draw the line? Do we play Santa Claus this year or do we pass on it, and be slapped with our first naughty parent-of-the-year award for not getting him anything? I mean, he was just born in October, he doesn't need much ANYTHING since we were blessed with so many great shower gifts.. AND since his birth his closet is jammed full of clothes thanks to the generous welcome gifts he received from so many friends and family. But, I don't want to not get him anything... so what do we get him?

Oh... the joys of Christmas. Even if little E wasn't in our lives, I know I will still be having the giving and receiving dilemma, but I am glad we have the extra layer of complicated in our lives this year - as it makes Christmas so much more exciting!

What about you... are you all pumped up for the festive season? Do you have your Christmas shopping started/done? What did you give your children on their first Christmas?

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