Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The MAC or PC debate!

Well... for the last month or so I have been doing my research on whether or not to buy a MAC or a PC. We have been in the hunt for a new laptop, our first laptop, and PC (my PC not the computer PC!) and I have decide that this would be our Christmas gift to one another! 

The price point on the MacBook was a little steep from the get go, but when I started researching the PC laptops from DELL (I'm a DELL girl), the base prices were considerably lower, but when I added on all of the upgrades that we would want, we were into the MacBook price range anyways.

I will admit I find the MacBook confusing... I use to think of myself as fairly good with computers, especially PCs, but when I start playing around on a MacBook I am lost instantly. However, I still have confidence that we will be able to 'get the hang' of MAC with a few weeks of fooling around on it. 

The fact that MACs are so quick and relatively virus free... and just come with such advanced operating systems, I really wanted the MacBook, but was still scared to make the change.

Finally PC and I decided to take a trip to Future Shop to talk to the sales people and find out just what were getting ourselves into with the MACs. 

Well... the salesman was very 'pro' MAC... he said that obviously the PCs aren't as bad as the MAC vs. PC commercials indicate, but that the PCs were still behind the MAC technology.  He was also willing to knock down the price a bit, which was a bit of a selling feature, since DELL was not willing to budge on any of their prices.

We ended up leaving Future Shop earlier this week with a MacBook in tow, and I am happy to report that this post is coming from you via the new MacBook, from the comfort of my bed, with E lying next to me, kicking his feet and moving his hands about while I reread him this post! 

Yes... we are now proud new owners (FINALLY) of a MAC!
Let the learning begin!

What about you... are you a MAC or a PC user? Anybody out there a new MAC user with helpful hints on how to catch on quickly to the MAC way of life?