Sunday, November 16, 2008

The rings go back on...

You may remember this post from back in July... the one where I was pretty disappointed that my rings did not fit my finger anymore, and I had to take them off due to pregnancy.

I am happy to report that today... THE RINGS ARE BACK ON!

Yes... that's right, I FINALLY got my wedding band to slide back over my knuckle and for the first time today, I have worn my wedding rings as a set for the entire day.

It's a great day to be alive... isn't it!!

You might laugh but trying on my wedding rings was one of the first things I did when I got out of the hospital after E was born. They didn't fit, they didn't even come close to fitting. I gave it a few days... but after being home for week, I would try them on every. single. day after getting out of the shower. For the first couple of weeks I couldn't budge the little buggers over my knuckle... not even close. Then slowly a week or so later my engagement ring did fit over my knuckle but the wedding band was still way too snug (as its half a size smaller for some reason).

Then finally... last week, the wedding band did go over my knuckle but when I would put the engagement band on in front of it, my finger would swell and it felt like I was losing circulation in my entire hand - so I just wore the engagement ring out and left the wedding band on the dresser.

BUT, today... today was a magnificent day here at the Coleman household, the wedding ring SET slid on my finger with ease, and circulation was not an issue at all.

Just as you, my faithful readers predicted - they would go back on, and they did, and they are...


the rings are back on, the rings are back on - do a little dance, make a little love NEVER MIND! That's a whole other blog... but who cares THE RINGS ARE BACK ON!

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