Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pregnant Lady Freak Out!

We interrupt your regular scheduled programing to bring you: Freak out from a Pregnant Lady!

Hooooooooooooooly shit - can you believe we are in July already?

Back in June, I was feeling a little moody, but not at all overwhelmed by the thought of having a baby in September. I actually felt that June dragged by a bit... the weather was nothing to write home about, and my social life wasn't all that active either! I keep saying to myself, 4 long months to go... lots of time!

But now.... July has arrived - and I have a feeling its going to whiz by... PC and I have plans every weekend of July from here on in... and then for us, July rolls nicely into the first two weeks of August, so by the time we get done our festivities, weddings, and holidays the baby's arrival will only be 6 short weeks away - and even less than that if the baby decides to pretend its not ours and arrive early!

This weekend I made major, and I mean MAJOR progress on OPERATION CLEAR OUT, of one of our spare rooms... the room that will be made into the nursery. I wasn't quite aware of how much stuff crap we have managed to accumulate in the last 3 years. This spare room has a spacious closet, and so whenever I didn't know where to put something, I would just causally throw it in the closet.... well now, I need this closet for all of the designer clothes the baby will own, and it turns out there are a lot things in there that needed to find a new home.

Luckily with my nesting skills I managed to find a new home for just about everything... and have narrowed down the crap to just 3 tubs that still need to find a home, but I am confident I can do that over the course of the week.

Then next phase is to get the crib bedding and accessories in, select paint, and then put PC to work on actually doing the painting... and then - well the list goes on and on and on and on.

Do I feel like 'WE' are anywhere close to being ready? NO.
Am I confident it 'WE' will get it all done before the baby arrives? YES.
Do I think I will have a few more freak outs before 'WE' get everything in place? DEFINITELY.

Let's hear from some of the experience prego couples out there... did you or your wife/girlfriend (for the men out there) have any major freak outs on the way while you were preparing for the arrival of your little one(s)?

Note to all who are brave enough to comment: this is where you strategically post things like 'don't worry Sara, it will all get done' or 'this is normal, you have nothing to worry about' or 'don't stress... I have full confidence in you that you will be prepared'!

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