Thursday, May 08, 2008

No free Timbits at Tim Hortons!

Given that I am pretty big fan of Tim Horton's, I couldn't resist sharing this story.... and commenting on it.

Apparently yesterday in London, Ontario, Tim Horton's fired an employee for giving a child a free Timbit (value: 16 cents). According to the manager of the store, it was inappropriate behaviour for the employee to give out free food, and she was fired from her position based solely on this one incident.

Check out the story here from the National Post, although many other Ontario news feeds ran it as well.

In my opinion, the story was a new journalist's dream: a single mother of four who has had a reported 'tough life', and loyal employee of the company for 3 years... it couldn't get any better than that!

Once the media got a hold of this story at 9:30 am this morning...the employee was reinstated with the company within a shocking 2 hours, by 11:30 am. A Tim Horton's spokeswoman claims that the manager acted inappropriately in this case, and the employee should not have been fired in the first place. The employee has chosen not to return to that Tim's location she was fired from, but will resume her duties tomorrow, at another location in London.

Can you believe this... ? This minor debacle could have been avoided for Tim's if they had just thought about what they were doing. Perhaps is just my communication's mind working overtime, but large companies such as Tim Horton's should train their managers to think of the consequences of their actions before making cut throat decisions. I mean, firing an employee for giving out one free 16 cent product, has FRONT PAGE NEWS written all over it don't you think?

No harm was really done to the employee... she still has her job, but Tim Horton's reputation will taking a bit of beating for the next day or two in the media, and I am sure this story will definitely turn some people's noses up at what is generally an organization known for doing good things in many communities across Canada.

What do you think... are you somewhat turned off by Tim Horton's initial actions here? Does it taint your view of Tim's, or do you just think it was a slow news day, and the media choose to capitalize on what would normally not be news?