Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our first night in NYC

So our first night in NYC was Saturday.... we arrived at about 4:30 pm at LGA airport. The flight(s) there we both on time... we connected in Detroit, but on the connecting flight I got super hot, sweaty, and almost passed out at one point - I was actually pretty nervous as I didn't really know why- and all I could think was 'oh god, I hope they don't ground the plane because I'm sick' (that's my public health training coming into play there)! Luckily I recovered, drank some ginger ale and by the time we landed I had some colour back in my face and ready to take in the sights.

We retrieved our luggage - well - most of it... my Mom's suitcase didn't come through on our flight and was on the next flight coming in from Detroit at 7:15... they said they would deliver it to our hotel, so we called our shuttle and were on our merry way.

The airport was busy, people coming and going at a constant pace. We got in the our shuttle which was about a 10 passenger van. I was actually pleasantly surprised that shuttle arrangements worked out without any glitches.

The ride from the airport to our hotel in Times Square was quite the experience. NYC drivers, cabbies, shuttle service, whatever type of driver - they all maximize their speed and distances within the tiniest spaces. It was quite entertaining. Within 20 minutes we were being dropped off on the corner of Broadway and 52nd St. W where our hotel was.

When we arrived at the hotel, we learned that they had our reservation but a large group from the night before decided to retain their rooms for an extra/unexpected night - so that put us out in the street! Well... not literally... the Novotel had arranged to put us up free of charge at a neighbouring property... the Flatotel (which is apparently where P. Diddy and the gang were staying when they made a season of 'Making the Band'). It seemed really inconvenient when they explained to us what was happening, but it turned out the hotel was literally just down the street... so we walked a block and half and we were there... in our rooms and ready to take on the town in no time.

By this time, I guess we were pushing 7 o'clock ... and Baby Coleman was hungry, not to mention his/her parents, and grandparents! We headed out on Broadway and had a good bite to eat TGIF's - a little pricey for what we got, but nonetheless filling, and we had a table right at the window so got to see lots of action while figuring out our surroundings.

After dinner, we just walked around Times Square and the surroundings, taking it all in. I was really surprised how close we were to a lot of major attractions - Rockefeller Plaza, NBC, Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth Avenue. It seemed really busy that night, but I got thinking it was only because it was Saturday night... but I would come to find out that it wasn't because it was the weekend, its just that busy ALL. THE. TIME.

Times Square at night is definitely something to see... it's like no other place I've ever experienced, with all of the lights and non-stop comotion. By the time we had a good look around, and stopped in at a few stores, we called it a night, and we felt ready to take on the city over the next three days.

Here are a few pictures from our first night in NYC.
Day 2 adventures, to come soon! Stay tuned.

Wall to wall cabs, lights, and entertainment in Times Square.

My Mom and Dad at Rockefeller Center!

PC having a moment with the Dali Lama!

Me outside NBC Studios.

My Mom and I taking a break from it all!

Just a cool pic - according to me!

Jimmy Choo Shoes- couldn't resist taking this for my Sex and the City Girls!

PC and my Dad picking out an outfit for my Mom at Saks Fifth Ave-
apparently they think she would look fabulous in an animal print!

Radio City Music Hall

Just a random Fire Hall we came across... Engine No. 65 was out on a call!

PC was loving this sign for the port-a-potties.