Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NYC's must-see suggestions!

Okay readers... here's a post where I am looking for your comments... make that begging/pleading for them. I need you to step up to the plate here, and offer up some good advice about visiting New York City.

This weekend PC and I, and my parents will be visiting NYC and although I have some things I definitely want to cover while we are there, I would also love to here your suggestions for places to eat and things to see and do while we are there.

We have 5 days there and will be taking in a Yankees game (for my father, as you may recall PC and I are Red Sox fans), but other than that our other days are wide open, and we can do whatever we want! Since we've never been to NYC before, I would like to here from those of you who have:
  • what your favourite things were?
  • what sight-seeing items you would recommended?
  • what was a waste of time?
  • what to avoid?
  • where to eat?
  • any tips for touring the big apple?
Please... comment away!