Friday, May 02, 2008

All over the map!

Happy Friday tout le monde.

I called this post all over the map, because lately... that's how my mind has been functioning ... everywhere, sometimes in three places at once, and going 5 or 6 miles a minutes all. the. time.

Yesterday, I remarked to a colleague (who has kids of her own) 'I feel like I am losing my mind these days', and without skipping a beat she responded, 'And you never get it back either!"

I am charting new territory ... usually I feel very in control of things, I usually have a fantastic memory.... and I pride myself on having these qualities. However... as of late, I am feeling less in control of anything, and my memory is shot.

For example.... after work on Wednesday I went to the chiropractor, and then had some shopping I want to do. I went directly to the first store, made the necessary purchase, and left. I travelled five minutes down the road to my next stop, which was a strip mall... and when I parked the car in the parking lot and went to get out of the car, I stared intently out the window and said out loud 'Why the hell did I come here?'

It took me a good minute to retrace my thoughts as to why I wanted to stop at this particular strip of box stores... and when I scanned all of the stores I thought to myself 'I can't buy clothes at any of these stores, why would I stop here'. A minute later, it hit me, I came looking for a new purse and shoes. As my memory kicked in, I breathed a sigh of relief... thinking, 'phew, nice recovery Sara!'. I was almost celebrating the return of my memory, since the alternative would have been looking like a complete retard backing out the parking spot and leaving the strip mall within 2 minutes of arriving there.

This is just one example of where I am at these days. Last week, I made 5 trips up and down the stairs at my house, because I was upstairs cleaning, and had to go downstairs to get the pledge, but each time I went down stairs I would get sidetracked and return upstairs without the pledge - this happened 4 times before I had to walk down the stairs repeating out loud 'pledge, pedge, pedge, pedge, pedge, pedge...' - craziness I tell you.

I think I am definitely becoming my mother's daughter.... I use to make fun of her for having to write everything down, always making her little lists, consulting these lists three, four, sometimes five times daily, and then stroking off the items once she remembered to do them. This all seemed very amusing to me 10 years ago... but let me tell you, there is nothing like a good list to keep you focused on the task at hand. Thanks for setting such a great example Mom.

I have heard that this 'losing your mind' thing is common to expecting mothers.... has this been your experience (if any of you are expecting babies or have already had your kids)? Any good ideas on how to cope with being all over the map? Or what to do to keep yourself from feeling insane?

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