Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NYC: Day 3

Okay... so its been a few posts since I left off from Day 2 in NYC, and to be honest I am now having a hard time recalling Day 3 in NYC. So... this will just be the highlights of day 3!

What I can remember is that we did A LOT OF WALKING. We decided to head down to the financial district, Canal street, Greenwich village, etc. We hopped on the double-decker bus... and got off in Soho hoping to grab some breakfast before we really started out the day. We had some trouble finding a restaurant, but after covering a few blocks, we found a place that served a decent meal!

PC had scouted out a place called the Hat Shop that was nearby, so we walked a few blocks to find this place. When he read about this place online, he thought it was a sports hat shop.... but it turned out to be not quite what he expected - it did fit the description 'find hundreds of different hats here of all brands' - but was more for the 50 plus crowd of older high society females! We all had a good laugh about that, while PC and my Mom posed for a quick photo.

We made our way to the famous Canal Street ... but didn't stay too long, and decide to come back later in the day. I guess we just weren't in the mood for making deals with the vendors so early in the day!

From there we made our way down to the Financial District... as one of things we all wanted to see was Ground Zero and the aftermath of 9/11. What a site this is... they are still digging it out, load after load of concrete. It's not much of a site, except for a very busy, loud, and noisy construction site - but as we were walking down to it, you could only imagine the state of chaos in that city almost seven years ago. To be in and among the rest of the tall buildings in that part of city at that traumatic time in history would have been unbelievable to say the least.

After finding the World Trade Center site we made our way into Wall street.... that was pretty neat, I must say - PC wanted to find the lucky bull - the Wall Street icon - so we did... and took some good pics there. Supposedly you are suppose to have financial luck after touching the bull, but I have to say, we haven't seen any payoff from it just yet!

As the day worn on, we headed down to South Seaport Street... and I loved loved loved this part of the city. The views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge were really cool... and there was a small mall and some stores there to do some shopping... we wandered around for a bit and right into the Yankees store... where my Dad found a new coat and a t-shirt. The funniest part was when PC asked the store clerk where all the Boston Red Sox stuff was - and she replied 'oh - out back by the dumpster!' in her thick New Yorker accent!

We were nearing 6pm by the time we finished up at South Seaport, so we headed back to Canal Street to close some deals. I think we arrived a fairly good time of the day to be in Chinatown as all of the fruit and vegetable vendors were coming out and getting into action. As well... the non-legal street vendors were swarming up a storm on all of the street corners, since the police had disappeared for the day by then. It was quite the scene... but did not deter my Mom and I from purchasing some authentic D&G purses! PC talked the talk on a few watches, but in the end decided it wasn't worth it (wise decision!).

Since it was the early evening by the time we were done at Canal Street our tour bus had stopped running so we decided to take a cab back to our hotel in Times Square - this experience was WELL WORTH THE MONEY! Honestly, the cab ride was probably about 10 minutes max, and we went from zero to 110km in about 8 seconds flat between every light... then slam on the breaks, back on the gas, honking horns, changing lanes, weaving in and out of cars, buses, bikers - you name it - it only happens in an NYC cab! You didn't know whether to laugh or cry at times... but we were relieved when we saw 53rd street! The cab fare was actually really reasonable... for the distance we went, I was quite surprised actually, given that a cab in Ottawa would have been double the price for half the distance!

Anyways... I can't really remember what did after that... dinner I am guessing, and then called it a night most likely. I do remember my legs were aching by the time the night was complete - but it was a very productive day, we covered a lot of ground, and it barely rained at all - so all in all a good day.

Check out the pics from Day 3!

Snapshot of a side street in the Fashion District!

MSG - Home of the NY Knicks, Liberty, and the NY Rangers!

My Mom and PC at the famous Hat Shop!

The World Trade Center Site - Ground Zero.

Connie & Timbo with George Washington (my Dad was born on GW Day - Feb. 22)!

PC and I at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.

The lucky bull in the financial district!

Rubbing the golden ball for good luck!
Did anyone see I Am Legend - the famous arch way.

My parents coming out of the Yankees Souvenir Store with their goods!

South Seaport - Pier 17.
PC and I in front of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

My parents at South Seaport in front of Brooklyn.
Oh the Bargain District... !

Chinatown vegetable vendor.

Side street view in Chinatown.

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