Friday, April 18, 2008

Fragment Friday

It's been a while since my last installment of Tid-Bits Thursday ... so my apologies for those of you who have been visiting faithfully every Thursday only to find a post that is probably three or four days old. I wanted to do Tid-Bits Thursday but got side-tracked yesterday, so this post turned into Fragment Friday.

So... without further ado, here we go!

  • The entire pregnancy thing has thrown my blogging dedication way off kilter...because of the fact that I am going to bed way earlier than I use to. No longer can I blog at night before bed... its now become something I try to cram into my lunch hour, or early in the morning before work. I also have far less energy than ever so even when I do have an ounce of free time, I have no kick start motivation that fires me up and allows me to accomplish anything. All of the books I am reading now say that I am entering the honeymoon trimester.... so let's hope its a little more blissful with far more energy than the first trimester!

  • Welcome Spring... I absolutely love this season: warm days, cool nights, and frankly much better fashion out and about on the streets. Today its 23 degrees in the nation's capital, and people are loving it (me included). I spent yesterday's and today's lunch out and about on Merivale Road, just walking in the sunshine and pretending like I didn't have a care in the world. By the looks of forecast, I have feeling spring isn't going to last long... as summer temperatures are approaching by end of next week (30 degrees - yee-haw!).
  • Senators Hockey.... the Sens have bit the dust hardcore this year! What a disappointing season after all of the excitement that was in the city last year. Today... coach/GM Brian Murray held a press conference in Ottawa and without making any formal announcements he did indicate that my man, Ray Emery will not be in a Sens uniform next year. That kind of breaks my heart... I knew it was coming, and its the best decision for the team, but I've always loved reading about Razor in the entertainment section of the Ottawa Sun! He was a flashy individual that created drama... and I loved that about him, although none of his off ice shenanigans ever helped the Sens on the ice. It looks like the Sens may have a hard time finding another team to take on the likes of Razor... but I hope someone steps up to the plate and does, as I will always love reading about him.
  • Work.... since I have taken on a new challenge in a new team at work just over a month ago, I couldn't be happier. I am back to feeling confident about my work, and feeling that I actually bring an important piece of the puzzle to the table. The health-field is full of interesting people, a much different work dynamic than the tax-field... but almost a year since I made the move from tax to health, I am finally feeling settled in, and somewhat of an expert on a few issues I never thought I would ever grasp. Life is good at work... and that makes life outside of work even better!
  • Blogging! The entire month of March has past, and I forgot to mention that I celebrated my second blog-o-versary! Two years and counting, I have been blogging. Time flies... doesn't it? When I first started blogging, I didn't know if this was something I would stick with, but I have come to love the world of blogging, and everything that it has to offer. The best reward for blogging is of course - you - the readers... your comments, your advice, and general care and concern are really what fuels my love for the blog. As we are in the second quarter of 2008, I have no idea how the blogging will go once the baby comes... but I do vow to blog as a new Mom... when the time comes. I hope you will be patient with me, and give me a chance to adjust to this very foreign world I am about to embark on, but hopefully by Christmas of this year, I will have figured out a way to blog and breastfeed like its my full-time job!
  • Alright... sunny weekend ahead, and I have lots of spring cleaning on the agenda! Perhaps not everyone is enjoying this fabulous weather we are getting in the nation's capital, but is anyone doing anything exciting this weekend.... do share! You know how I love comments!

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