Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My pants are too tight!

Not very often would I openly admit that my pants are too tight... in fact everything is getting a little snug on me. Whether I like it or not, my belly is expanding, and I am slowly going to have give into those horrendous looking maternity pants ... whether I like it or not!

I guess I should clarify, not all maternity pants are horrendous looking, but I tried to do some shopping this past weekend for work pants (dressy ones), and they were less than flattering. The styles just aren't me... my legs and butt don't seem to fit the shape of these maternity pants (well they fit, but they leave nothing to the imagination) - its all very depressing.

I guess the other issue I have with maternity clothes is that they are pricey considering that they aren't something that you are going to be wearing in 9 months time. Normally I don't mind paying more for clothes that I consider to be staples in my wardrobe... but in this case, I need some expandable staples, but by the time my belly has come and gone (hopefully) these clothes will be useless to me, and I will need to go out and by new clothes again (not that I am really complaining about getting new clothes at anytime).

I am trying to make due as long as possible... I haven't gained any weight on the scale, but I feel like I've put on about 10 pounds in my pants. The sad part is that right now I am down to three pairs of 'tight' work pants for a five day week. Every time I sit down at my desk, my pants immediately fold over and dig into my stomach. I envision the baby giving me the finger and cursing at me for constantly cramping his/her space - (after all this PC's child child we are talking about, he or she would definitely be cursing)!!!

The upside about being preggers in the summer is going to be that less clothing is required, and capris and skirts and shorts are much more flattering than the skin-tight maternity dress pants they have out there now. I shouldn't really throw in the towel on all dressy maternity pants just yet, as I've only been to one store ... so I think I may put in another effort to find something work appropriate this weekend.

What I have discovered for more causal clothes is Old Navy Maternity... I am so wishing that Old Navy Online delivered to Canada... because there are lots of sales on things on their website and I would definitely order up some of their styles. The good news is that I am going to NYC in May and hoping that I will be able to find something trendy (although probably pricey)... which could at least make me feel a little better about this so-called wardrobe I need to obtain, and soon!

For now.... I will sit at my desk, with my pants unbuttoned, unzipped, and hope to god that no one summons me to a meeting on short notice, as its quite embarrassing to stand up in your office, do up your pants, and follow someone down the hall to a meeting room!

If your a man, you probably haven't made it this far in the post, but for all of you experienced pregnant ladies out there... any good tips for shopping for maternity clothes?

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