Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stupid vs. Stupid

As you probably know, we've received a ton of snow in the capital city and surrounding area these past two weeks.

We are not in a state of emergency or anything crazy like that, but the city of Ottawa is working diligently to clear the side streets and walk ways in a timely fashion.

However, some streets just haven't been cleared yet, and therefore I encountered the following situation on my way to my 7 o'clock curling game last evening.

Let me preface this story by saying... yesterday was a high-stress day at work, and I was not in the mood for any further setbacks or annoyances as I was racing across town to make my game.

GAME TIME: 7:00 pm

7:03: I arrive on the ONE WAY side street that takes me directly to the club parking lot. The street is heavily crowded with snow banks, cars parked practically in the middle of the road, and a few freezing pedestrians walking down the only path available - the middle.

7:05: Still on the side street, inching along behind 1 pedestrian who does not want to get over in the snow bank.

7:06: Finally get around the pedestrian and arrive at the club parking lot entrance. The lot appears jammed full of cars, however, I think I see a spot half way up the one-way lot, where 1 car may have left. I think to myself 'Can I be this lucky?'

7:07: NO! I am not this lucky. The spot is really only half a spot. DAMN - now I have to back out of the entire parking lot, hoping to not to hit any of 38 cars that are parked jagged in the lot.

7:09: I am almost out of the parking lot. To get to adequate parking I must back out the wrong way on a one-way street (standard procedure for the Rideau Curling Club). As I get my ass-end out on the street, almost hitting a high snow bank, I see a cyclist out the corner of my eye.

7:10: I do some quick manoeuvring to avoid denting a BMW SUV, which leaves me diagonal, going the wrong way on a one way street. The cyclist is stopped in the middle of the road, we make eye contact, as he throws his hands up in disgust and mouths to me: What the F^%&* are you doing?

7:11: I quickly put my window down and yell back: 'Pardon... your the idiot riding a bike in 10 feet of snow', as I hit the gas and breeze around the corner, equally disgusted.

7:16: I wheel around the block twice, and decide parking on the street is hopeless. There appears to be a funeral going on at the funeral home nearby, so I sneak into the parking lot, and pretend to be in mourning, as I quickly scoot across the parking lot with my bag and broom in hand.

7:24: Missed the first end, but I managed to make it time to throw my rocks in the second end.

No, I am not proud of myself, and no I wouldn't normally react like that - but in all honesty, cyclists in the city should be restricted to:

A) Daily light hours;
B) Months between April and October;

(Caitlin, you are still allowed to try riding your bike in the snow ONCE for the experience!!!).

Yes, we all need to take extra caution in the winter, and yes we shouldn't let a bad day at work affect the way we treat completely innocent people... but people doing stupid things shouldn't criticize other people doing stupid things.

Mr. Cyclist, I will quit driving the wrong way on a one way street, if you quit biking in the winter... DEAL?


Now... can we get backing to the spirit of Christmas?