Saturday, November 24, 2007

Winter has arrived!

The last few days have been filled with flurries... so many flurries that we've accumulated enough snow to make it feel like the middle of February.

On Thursday morning, I left home late due to some work commitments. I have to travel a few back roads to get the main highway into Ottawa each morning. Upon my back road travels I came across a lady who had just slid into the ditch in her car. She was waving her arms as I came around the corner, so I pulled to the side to help her.

I had a similar experience a few years back in a winter storm on the 417 towards Ottawa, you just tap your breaks and the next thing you know you are in slow motion spinning around facing traffic and then panicking while waiting for the car to come to a stop (hoping the entire time that you don't roll or don't hit anything or anyone).

The same thing had happened to this lady so I asked her if she want to use my cell phone or if I could give her a ride to somewhere where she could wait for a tow truck. It turns out, she is a teacher in Vars just across the 417. I wasn't going that way, but since it wasn't too far out of my way, I offered to drive her to the school and she would arrange for a tow truck to come at later time.

She was very nice, and very thankful, as she said to me 'This is your Good Samaritan action for the day'!! I know how she was feeling, pretty much in complete shock and not sure what to do first or who to call first. I was just glad I could help her out.

It was quite the trip into Ottawa after dropping her off - cars in the ditch in many spots, one completely turned over on its roof. I was thankful just to get into my office and stay put for the day. The ride home was better, although the snow on that day alone accumulated to much of what we have in our front and backyard (see photos below).

Since the snow is here - I hope its here to stay, we don't need global warming coming in melting it all away - and besides Christmas is only a month away - it has to stick around for that!

All of this snow also has me feeling better about the holiday season. I actually won't mind hearing a few Christmas carols today! Tonight I am having a pre-Christmas potluck with some friends and former colleagues who I have been promising for a while I would have them over. So I am looking forward to seeing them all and of course eating all of their tasty potluck creations!

Hope your first winter weekend (for those of you have snow) is fantastic.

Welcome Winter and Safe Driving to All!