Friday, November 30, 2007

Hair Karma

Three months ago, I decided to take the plunge and switch hair salons. I had been going to the same person for over 5 years, and I really liked her, as she was a colour specialist and she did AMAZING highlights.

The problem at the time was that she was located in downtown Ottawa, near my old office, and she was rather out the way for me, in addition to being pricey (yet totally worth every penny). I had been saying to myself that I wanted to try someone that was local, and easier to access for me, and I figured that the best thing to do was just book an appointment in town and do it.

So that's exactly what I did, I called the local salon, and took the plunge. The best thing I got out of the whole experience was some extra cash in my pocket because it was a heck of a lot cheaper than the my regular person, but what I saved price wise, I sacrificed in quality and overall satisfaction.

At the time, I convinced myself I was happy with the price and the outcome, even though the highlight process was done in a compete and utterly different fashion that I had ever experienced before. However, two weeks after my colour and style, I was very disappointed. The colour faded, I could see my old highlights coming through. My hair felt like it needed to be trimmed again, or cleaned up in certain spots. It was and still is a mess.

I regretted ever leaving my original hair salon, and told myself I would never stray from the plan EVER. AGAIN.

So today, being three months later, I called up my old salon and asked to schedule an appointment my colour specialist.

The conversation went like this:

Me: Hi, I liked to make an appointment for highlights with Christine.
Salon: Christine?

Me: Yes, Christine.
Salon: Unfortunately Christine has taken an early maternity leave, and won't be back for at least another year, but we would be happy to book you with Carolyn, who is taking over her clients.

Me: Pardon? (It was like I stopped listening after she said 'Christine' and 'leave' in the same sentence)
Salon: Christine is having a baby, and she had to take an early mat. leave as per her doctor's orders, so Carolyn has your colour file, and would be happy to do your colour.

Me: Ummm, ah, well, I, I, I, guess so.

I am complete shock, and can only think one thing: Ka, ka, ka, ka-arma.

Honestly, it's like this was meant to happen. I bail on my faithful colour specialist of 5 years ONE TIME, one time people, and she goes off and gets pregnant in that 6 month window and has the nerve to take an early maternity leave.

Now what the hell am I suppose to do? I have an appointment booked with Carolyn - but I don't even want to go to it. Its not really the salon I enjoyed, it was Christine, and only Christine.

I am contemplating going back to the place that was cheap and local and trying a different stylist, giving the salon a second chance, but I don't want to disappointed a second time and feel exactly like I do now.

In addition to this colour, I would really like to get a decent cut, sort of different, a little refreshing, and now if I go back to the same place I went to before, I am not at all confident they can master a new style for me let alone a decent round of highlights.

Help... ! Any good recommendations for salons and stylists in Ottawa and the surrounding area?
Please feel free to market your favourite stylist or salon in the comment section.