Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PG Bachelorette Photos!

Q: What do you get when you put 15 women in a room with one man named Peter Pecker?
A: 156 pictures worth of laughs to last a lifetime, only 7 of which can actually be shared with my faithful bloggy readers.
This weekend, we headed to the honeymoon capital of Canada to give my good friend KL one last fling before her ring! We did her bachelorette party up in style... out on the sweet little town of Niagara Falls. The day began in Grimbsy... where our sport for the day KL was accessorized with fitting items for a bachelorette. The crown, the veil, all things that she could be identified with in public! It seemed harmless to begin with, but before leaving the driveway, KL's date for the day showed up to escort her around. He was a rather muscular man, who introduced himself as Peter Pecker, and he had just that... a giant one... one that you couldn't miss! He rode with KL to every stop, as she was forced to get out in high traffic areas to do a two man chinese fire drill... just her and Peter Pecker... doing laps all. day. long!
Although I would like to share the complete details of the weekend with you, this is a PG blog (for the most part!), so out of respect for my friendships with my 130-O girls, I thought I would refrain from posting the conversational photos from the weekend on here - sorry to disappoint!
I will say, KL was a good sport, as was Peter Pecker - life of the party, he keep things movin' and a shakin' all. night. long - OKAY, I know... enough!
It was quite the trek home for team Ottawa on Sunday, hungover to the nines, and fighting Niagara/Toronto traffic all the way... but it gave us all plenty of time to piece together the events from Saturday night!
Without further ado... here are the few photos I can share with you from the weekend... once you spot Peter Pecker below, you'll see why there is an embargo on the rest of the photos!
Enjoy... we definitely did!

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