Monday, May 14, 2007

The end of an era!

Well... they are gone, the historic couches from 130 Osgoode Street, picked up and disposed of, in the township dump.

It was hard to say goodbye to them... the end of an era, gone forever, and all we have left is the memories.

Back in 2000, Krista Lynn Smith and her parents arrived on the doorstep of 130-O with two sets of couches in tow. We (my roomies and I), were thrilled. These couches were not old and grubby, they were still in their prime, and they made a lovely addition to our not-so-prime living room.

For the next three years, these couches would be considered home, and they would endure some hard times - mainly the 5 or 9 Keg parties that we hosted at 130-O with 100 plus people in attendance, spilling beer all over them, but there was also the occasional homeless man who would stop by for some stale wine, a palm pilot, and a snooze.

These couches also became the home of many visitors who couldn't bare to walk home after a crazy night on the town, and they were also quite useful for our popcorn and pj nights where we would all gather around the TV to watch Sex and the City, Friends, and Survivor.

These couches were a large part of our University days, and when it came time to lock the door on 130-O forever, the couches were transported to Erica Danielle Clapp's new apartment, where the memories lived on. These couches created new memories there, and they participated in our 130-O reunion weekends.

It seemed these couches were destined for the dump in early 2005, when Clapper & Drewski purchased new furniture for there apartment, but low and behold, PC and I signed the papers on a new house and it seemed only right that we take the 130-O couches to Embrun to fill our unfinished basement.

I had threatened to load up the couches and bring them to Grimsby, ON in September as part of a wedding surprise for Krista Lynn & Kelly, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that friendship was more important than a good prank!

Finally, we arrived at last week, when the basement clutter had to be removed so construction on the basement could begin. In the 11th hour, Erin Leeanne Boyd called in a rescue mission, as she had a young university student lined up to claim the couches. However, her efforts went unanswered and the couches were picked up Thursday afternoon with the rest of the trash, hence bringing us to the sad realisation that the 130-O couches have been laid to rest... FOREVER!

Please take a moment a silence to remember these couches and the good ol' days at 130-O.

Thank you.

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