Monday, March 05, 2007

She's back!

That's right folks, I am back in action in government communications - and surprisingly in a pretty decent mood about the whole thing.

Today... felt a bit like the first day back to school after a long summer vacation. It was like going back into an old environment where everything felt new again (kind of an exciting feeling)!

PC was making fun of me last night because I layed out my clothes for today... only because around 9:30 last night I had a little panic attack when I realized I hadn't tried on any of my work clothes in 14 months. So... I began rooting through the closet... and when I found a pair of pants that fit me, I layed them on the bed so they would be ready for this morning! But apparently, according to PC it was something a kid would do in preparation for the first day of school - okay... point taken.

Today ended up being the quickest day of my entire career... from start to finish, the day flew by. I had visitors all morning and afternoon... which basically meant no time to do much, although I did manage to unpack a few boxes, and throw out a bunch of old documents that I no longer thought were important (I think its funny how I kept a lot of files thinking they would come in handy in the future, but today, upon reflection I couldn't remember one thing about any of them... obviously they weren't that important).

The weird part about being back was that there were a lot of new faces... many who didn't recognize me. I am sure half of think I am new, and I hate being the new girl! After about the fourth strange look, I considered making a t-shirt for myself stating:
(14 loooooooooong months)

I am sure in time they will come to realize that I am the one, the only, the famous Sara Coleman: bitter by day, better by night! Happy to serve those who appreciate my work, not so happy to be questioned about every decision I make! (However, I should probably leave out those details, and see if they come to their own conclusions).

Moving on... once I got past the strange looks, then came the friendly visitors, hugs, smiles, and familiar laughter.... if only every day at the CRA could be this pleasant and carefree!

An interesting part to the day was the fact that I got strategic visits from DG's, directors, managers, and colleagues, all offering warm words of re-welcome, but at the same time testing my french skills. I think half of them were probably wondering if I could really parle en fran├žais after 14 months of language training... which I actually managed to do well for a Monday! I also liked the fact that I got to use my french at work.... the fear that always exists for us survivors of language training program is that after this major hurdle, you will lose all your skills if you don't use them, AND I am not about to let that happen! I am hoping this French treatment continues.... its the best medicine for my particular situation.

The positives about being back are that I am actually excited to get some work going, get back to my clients, and get fired up about the world of government communications. I hope this attitude lasts, however, I am still waiting for the bombshell results of my oral interview - so that could definitely have serious effects to this honeymoon stage.

But for now, I am going to enjoy the champagne and strawberries, and let the good times roll!

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