Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rockin out in T. Bay!

In all of the stress and confusion of the last few weeks, I did not have time to blog about a recent trip I took to Thunder Bay to visit my best-friend Kristy!

She's been up there for a year now, and I finally took the plunge and decided to check out the place she calls home. It was well worth the trip, I was really impressed with everything Thunder Bay has to offer its tax-paying citizens. I had been there about 6 years ago, and since then it has really grown! It a great little northern town!
Minus the kre-fufful (if that's a word) with the flight from T.O to T-Bay... we had a great great GREAT weekend. It was just a relaxing girls weekend... we did some shopping, got pedicures, drank a lot of Starbucks, chilled out with some movies, ate sushi, drank wine & paralizers, and inhaled some junk food - just the kind of a therapy we both needed.

I spent a good amount of time laughing while I was there.... we talked about a ton of things, old memories, current relationships, and even a few things we never knew about one another... like the fact that Kristy used to be a Barista at Second Cup four years ago in Ottawa - I was floored! I mean seriously, we have been best friends since Grade 9, and I never knew she worked at Second Cup ... ever. I am still having a hard time believing this... I might even go as far as to check out her T4's on Monday.... just see if she was claiming that income!

Anyways... to sum up the trip, it was FANTASTIC. I found Thunder Bay to be quite beautiful in the winter... and Kristy's hospitality was second to none! Before I left she took me to the Terry Fox look-out where I was able to see the famous sleeping giant... it was quite impressive, I must say!

Here are a few pictures of the view from the look-out, and a couple others of Kristy and her house!

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