Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-Day and reffing don't mix!

Hey folks... its 11:02 and I am exhausted so this will be short and sweet.

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy V-Day (the one hour that is left of it).

We had the storm of the year today! It took me a very long time to get TO and FROM school today. On top of the bad weather, PC had to ref tonight.

I am sure if they took a poll, referees would be largest group of SINGLE men on the planet or at least the largest group of men who have disgruntle wives & girlfriends. Honestly who is making the hockey schedule these days? Its not just at the local level either, the Sens are in action tonight too, so there are also the wives and significant others of professional players who have to be upset as well!

As PC says every year to me when he finds out he has a game on V-Day: 'Valentine's Day doesn't have to ONLY be the day Hallmarks makes it' - if that line isn't in the referees handbook under the sub-section A: HOW TO HANDLE YOUR BITCHY WIFE - then I don't what is!!!

However, I don't have much to complain about... PC came through with a great surprise this morning... some M.A.C. make up all wrapped up nicely for me waiting right by the alarm clock. He never misses an opportunity to buy the perfect gift... so at this point in the year he's still winning the race for No. 1 Husband!

Now, if he makes it home safe and sound due to the road conditions , I will be able to get some sleep, and call it a Happy V-Day.

Since its almost over, hope yours was enjoyable, whatever you did or didn't do!
Until tomorrow!