Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Workin at the car wash!

Today... I spent 15 minutes in line waiting for a car wash.... while there I was talking out loud to myself in French.... trying to invision my interview on Friday while at the same time speaking loudly and enunciating every word (this is something my teacher has recommended doing in order to improve my confidence).

I thought I was being cool, and I thought that the other 10 cars in line were doing their own thing, but after about 10 minutes of being 'in the zone'.... I realized that both the driver in front of me and behind me were completely focused on me with that 'what the hell is she doing?' look on their faces.

It was at this point, that I closed my mouth immediately and gave each of them my smile of embarrassment without making a second glance in the mirror. HOWEVER... what I really wanted to do what get out of the car, march over to their windows and yell:

'Look it here people, I am WORKING, I know it may not look like it to you but this is what my jobs requires these days. I have a test to pass on Friday, so I would appreciate it if you could MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS so I can continue enunciating every word in Canada's second official language'

Hopefully they couldn't read my mind.... or else they would have really thought I was a crazy woman.

Two days to go.... and then its back to the real world!

You can probably sense that I am a weeeeeeee bit stressed out about the whole thing (thus the reason for bad grammar & spelling errors!) but in a weird way I am feeling good about my second language speaking abilities (whether I can sing to the tune of an evaluation interview or not). I am mostly looking forward to getting my life back and regaining my competency as a communications advisor.... its been quite some time since I actually did the job they are paying me for.

However.... I digress!
I must go and close my blinds so I can lock myself in a room and begin my enunciation exercises again!!!

As you can tell, its going to be fun times dans la petite ville d'Embrun ce soir!

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