Friday, March 02, 2007

No one said it would be easy!

I awoke at 5:51 am to the sound of ice pellets hitting the window.... and thought to myself, if I want to accomplish something today I am going to have to fight to do it. However, the good sign was that when I turned on the radio in the shower Beyonce was singing her little heart out: I'm a survivor, I'm not gonne give up... I am survivor keep on survivin' - fitting don't you think?

So.... I am almost done getting ready, and hoping that I can at least make it into Ottawa to give myself a chance... I am sure the drive won't be nerve-racking, drivers will be attentive, and everything will go smoothly... its just another day - YA RIGHT.

Wish me luck as I think there is an adventure instore for me today!

If I make it back all in one piece, I will update tonight.

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