Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The results are in....

So today's news what just short of what would have made a really great day. I got the results which indicated I am speaking french at the B level.

The goal was to get the C level, but its a B, and I am actually coping rather well with the news.

As I said in the past... a strong B is good grounds to tell management that I was pulled from language training just shy of the initial goal... and with a little support, the last leg of the race can be accomplished.

I am not sure what the next steps are... I do know that I have given it my best effort, and I will continue to work diligently to uphold this strong B level. I know the C level isn't far off, and hopefully I can muster up the courage to get back on the horse, and ride again - should the training opportunity present itself in the near future.

I would really like to thank all my readers for their support... you really have no idea how much your comments, emails, and phone calls meant to my success! Thank-you!

I hope to move on from this little hurdle... and get back to some lovely rants on issues other then French training!

Hang in there folks, I have a few posts brewing that are long over-due!
As always... stay tuned!