Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A pinch of salt!

Who ordered the salt on the streets of the Ottawa, and why must it ruin every decent pair of pants I have?

Lately it seems like I am doing a load of laundry every. single. day.

Between PC & I, I have enough laundry for a decent sized load every night.... and I am attributing all this work to the salted streets of our nation's national capital region.

It seems these days I can't step foot outside without ruining the back of my pant legs. After a short three minute walk my pant legs are covered with this white residue just waiting to get themselves inside to a warm building so they can crust up and go hard for the rest of the day.

In the summer (oh how I long for you), I can go a week to two weeks without needing to do laundry... but in the winter, it seems there is more laundry, more frequently.

I think part of the problem may be that I have this phobia of not having my favourite jeans clean and accessible in my closet. If I wear them one day and they become salt stained, I immediately rush them downstairs to the washing machine... to ensure that if I wanted them the next day or night, they would be ready and waiting for me. This tends to create more of an urgency then some of you might be experiencing, but for me its become a real chore to keep my favourite items clean.

Furthermore, keeping a coat sparkling in these winter months is also somewhat of a problem. Every time I get in or out of my car, I am doomed. And on the days when my car has actually had a wash it seems that every other car I park beside is filthy... so there I am again cleaning another piece of clothing at the end of the day.

Mitts, also seem to be a problem for me... as I can't shield them from the filth (my dear mitt-maker Debbie isn't going to like this one). I love my mitts but try navigating your way down a busy street with a hot coffee every morning, while avoiding the salt puddles at all costs and minimizing the spillage factor on the mitts. This is something I have yet to master, so there again, more laundry, more frequently.

It was said that the ol' Ground Hog didn't see his shadow this year... so let's get a move on and bring on the summer heat... I want to get back to enjoying my evenings, without worrying about the damn laundry!

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