Monday, January 22, 2007

To spread or not to spread?

So... as you know I had the stomach virus this weekend... that one that comes out of you both ends (hope your not eating), and doesn't let you get an ounce of peaceful rest for about 30 hours.

I thought I was on the road to recovery yesterday, but somehow in the middle of the night I was re-attacked twice... and was a pretty pitiful white looking ghost this morning at 6 am. However, I am up now and feeling a little better (obviously I'm blogging) ... but I am not convinced that this stupid bug is gone. And frankly, I am little scared to leave my bathroom for an enitre 20 minute isolated ride in a car that doesn't happen to be equipped with a porte-a-potie.

I have mixed emotions about being sick and spreading sickness.

I absolutely hate those people who come to work with a cold, cough all over everyone and spread their germs, so that in 2 weeks, I become the person doing all the coughing and disgusting everyone I know.

I think I encountered this stomach bug from my French school (I always knew the French would get me one way or another!), so I am a little leary of bringing the bug back to the classroom if its not infact out of me, as I do have some concern for my fellow prisonners.

However, the more I stay chained to the bed/bathroom, the more likely I am to contain the germs within my house, and next thing we know PC will probably have it.

Ahhhh... what to do?

To spread the germs to other unknowing candidates or to contain the deadly (okay not deadly) virus to my own family members....?

Tough... I will think on it over a cup a tea, and perhaps try to make my way into the capital for an afternoon of Franglais... or, I could take one more full day here, really try to get it out of my system and then be back at it tomorrow... (hopefully).

God... I hate decisions... especially ones that involve moral obligations & public duty... grrr!